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**** drink or cellar 
Golden Bell ‘No. 1’ 2012
AOC Bordeaux $19.95 13.0 % alcohol
This 90% Merlot/10% Cabernet Sauvignon red blend wafts lazily from the glass with wisps of baking spice, barnyard notes and cherry/berry aromas. It dishes up a stream of racy flavours with sour cherry and sweet, ripe mulberry on the nicely balanced on the palate. It’s medium weight and light-medium textured with notes of round ripe tannin on the finish and warm aftertaste. (Vic Harradine)

***1/2 drink or cellar 
Château Le Faure 2015
AOC Bordeaux $14.95 13.5% alcohol 
A hint of oxidization on the nose is delightfully rescued on the palate with a stream of ripe red berry fruit infused with sprigs of savory herbs coating the palate persisting through the dry, racy finish. It’s medium weight with nice texture and a bit of a tannin and alcohol bite on the aftertaste. Pour alongside beef fajitas. (Vic Harradine)

**** drink or cellar 
Le Bordeaux de La Haye 2014
AOC Bordeaux $17.25 12.5% alcohol
Red berry fruit and black cherry aromas mingle with sweet floral notes on the nose of this 80% Merlot/20% Cabernet Sauvignon blend. It rolls over the palate with red cherry- and cranberry-drenched flavours robed in a tight tannin cloak. This has good structure and a well-balanced delivery of ripe fruit and racy tang. Aerate/decant for three hours if you can’t wait, but better with 12 more months in bottle. (Vic Harradine

***1/2 drink now 
De Château Bon Ami 2015
AOC Bordeaux $16.90 13.0% alcohol
Aromas of exotic incense and field berry fruit dominate the nose. A mid-weight stream of red and dark berry fruit drenched in tangy acidity and underpinned by chalky, still-evolving tannin coat the palate persisting through the drying, savory aftertaste. Give this Cabernet Sauvignon predominant red blend a two-hour aeration/decant and pour with pasta in tomato sauce. (Vic Harradine)

**** cellar 
Château Bran De Compostelle 2015
AOC Bordeaux $14.95 12.0% alcohol
Fresh aromas of grilled savory herbs and dark toast unleash a beautifully balanced flow of red and black fruit on entry supported by racy tang, and then underpinned by chalky tannin, especially on the aftertaste. This is light-medium weight with a ways to go before uncorking. A couple of years of careful cellaring should see quite an improvement. (Vic Harradine

**** cellar 
Château Le Mayne-Cabanot 2014
AOC Bordeaux $14.95 12.5% alcohol
Silky aromas of black currant, baking spice and mocha weave an alluring tapestry on the nose of this 60% Merlot/30% Cabernet Sauvignon/10% Cabernet Franc blend. It bathes the palate with a spirited wash of red currant, pie cherry and cranberry persisting through the lengthy tangy, oak and tannin-laced aftertaste. Tuck away for a couple of years allowing for all to tone down and interweave. Then congratulate yourself for patience when uncorking. (Vic Harradine)

**** drink or cellar 
Château des Hauts de Fontaneau 2015
AOC Bordeaux Supérieur $14.95 12.0% alcohol
Lively aromas of red berry bruit, cassis and floral notes introduce a medium-weight, very nicely textured river of ripe black berry melding with black plum—80% Merlot/20% Cabernet Sauvignon—and gorgeous tangy notes. This showcases good balance, persistent purity of fruit and terrific value. There’s a nip of still-evolving tannin on the finish and aftertaste, easily ameliorated with a two-hour aeration/decant or a couple of years in the cellar. (Vic Harradine)

**** drink or cellar 
Château Rouquette 2015
AOC Bordeaux $14.95 12.0% alcohol
Mixed spice, herbs and red berry compote aromas rocket from the glass. It bathes the palate with a medium-bodied, textured wash of sweet ripe mulberry and notions of blueberry flavour. This is laden with value, straightforward and uncomplicated delivering pleasant ripe fruit from cork pop to last drop. There’s a savory herb nip on the lingering finish. Pour with comfort food—mac and cheese, burgers, pizza or lasagna. (Vic Harradine)

**** drink now 
Chateau Haut-Mazieres ‘Vin Blanc’ 2015
AOC Bordeaux $14.95 12.0% alcohol
This classic Bordeaux blend—Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc/Muscadelle—offers aromas of floral notes, grassy bits and citrus notes. It’s light on its feet with a tangy wash of lemon and passionfruit bathing the palate. Replays on the crisp, refreshing finish and aftertaste—along with a jolt of white grapefruit—provide myriad opportunities for pairing—pan-seared fish, grilled garlic prawns, scallop ceviche. (Vic Harradine)

**** drink now 
Château des Hauts de Fontaneau Entre-Deux-Mers 2015
AOC Entre-Deux-Mers $14.95 11.5% alcohol
The price-quality balance in this lovely white blend tips well in your favour. An involved nose of floral notes, hints of honey and citrus notes provide segue for a delicious medium-weight, nicely textured stream of ripe apple, pear and tang-laden citrus cleaning up crisp and dry with racy white grapefruit. Pour on its own or with roast chicken or grilled fish or seafood under a squish of fresh lemon. (Vic Harradine)