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****1/2drink or cellarOh Canada!
Featherstone ‘Canadian Oak’ Chardonnay 2012

VQA Niagara Peninsula $21.95 (149302) 11.0% alcohol   
Can’t get more ‘local’ than this gem from Featherstone—estate grown grapes, indigenous east, aged in barrels hewn from nearby oak. There’s baking spice, smoky/toasty bits and earthy, flowers-in-the-forest notes on the nose. Deftly balanced flavours of spiced, baked apple and lemon pie filling abound. It demands even more attention on the finish, with hints of grapefruit pith, toasty oak and red licorice rounding things out. (Vic Harradine) 

****drink nowOh Canada!
Featherstone ‘Four Feathers’ 2013

VQA Niagara Peninsula $14.95 (354763) 11.0% alcohol 
Sexy aromas of exotic spice, rosewater and lemon blossom portend a palate-bathing surge of lime cordial, tangy blood orange and lemongrass. It’s mid weight with good mouth feel and a brushstroke of racy white grapefruit on the lingering, crisp, refreshing finish. This dishes up a crowd-pleasing versatile wine—pour with seafood, pork or chicken—with the price-quality ratio skewed well in your favour. (Vic Harradine)  

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****1/2drink or cellarOh Canada!
Riverview Cellars ‘Salvatore’s Reserve’ Cabernet Franc 2012

VQA Niagara River $29.95 14.0% alcohol 
Opening with rich aromas of black plum, fig and espresso roast garnished with tobacco, this dishes up full-bodied, fully flavoured dark cherry, bramble berry and tangy red cherry; structured, complex and creamy smooth. It’s balanced and lip-smacking good on the finish and aftertaste with every sip as good as or better than the previous. Hats off to Canadian-born winemaker, Angela Kasimos, who fashioned this gem. (Vic Harradine) 

***1/2drink or cellarOh Canada!
Riverview Cellars Merlot 2012

VQA Niagara River $19.95 14.0% alcohol 
Aromas of charred toast, exotic spice and wisps of black licorice make way for a spirited, racy line of red currant, bramble berry and cranberry riding a broad beam of tang. It’s mid weight with a well balanced finish—red and cherry fruit mingling with sweet, ripe mulberry lightly brushed with herbs and spice. This pours well alongside bucatini with Amatriciana Sauce. (Vic Harradine) 

****drink or cellarOh Canada!
Riverview Cellars Pinot Noir 2012

VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake $19.95 13.3% alcohol   
Savory herbs, baking spice and wisps of fresh berry fruit aromas precede a robust wash of red cherry, cranberry and roasted herbs that replay on the racy finish. It’s medium bodied, structured and nicely textured with purity of fruit and sense of purpose throughout. The aftertaste layers on delightful tang with a soft tannin underpinning. (Vic Harradine) 

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****drink or cellarOh Canada!
Rosehall Run ‘The Certain Ratio’ 2012 

VQA Prince Edward County $29.95 13.5% alcohol 
Mixed field berry fruit, cedar and peppery spice on the nose, this delivers a racy, lively rendition of the ‘Bordeaux blend’—45% Cab Sauv, 34% Merlot, 21% Cab Franc. It streaks over the palate with ripe red fruit—cherry, red currant jelly and cranberry tart framed with great acidity and underpinned by soft, supple tannin. Medium bodied with good texture, if finishes dry in a blaze of balanced, beautiful red and black cherry. (Vic Harradine)   

****drink nowOh Canada!
Rosehall Run ‘The Finisher - Liquoreux Vin de Dessert’ 2013 

VQA Ontario $17.95 11.3% alcohol  
This is a unique, one-time-only, white-blend, dessert wine—Ehrenfelser 85% and Muscat Ottonel 15%. Quiet aromas of fennel, lemongrass and honeycomb set the table for a tang-laden river of blood orange, racy lemon-lime and honeyed white nectarine. Pour on its own or with fruit flan or sliced, fresh peach or nectarine over vanilla yoghurt, gelato or ice cream. (Vic Harradine) 

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****1/2drink nowOh Canada!
Rockway Vineyards ‘Small Lot Reserve’ Chardonnay 2012 
VQA Niagara Peninsula $18.95 (346155) 13.5% alcohol 
Honeysuckle and orchard fruit aromas open the door to a salad bowl of sweet, ripe fruit—mango, pear and nectarine—garnished with blood orange and lemon tang. It’s mid weight with creamy-smooth mouth feel and a mid-length, balanced and beautiful finish. Pour with rotisserie chicken or roast pork. This offers outstanding value with the price-quality balance tipped well in your favour. (Vic Harradine) 

****1/2drink or cellarOh Canada!
Rockway Vineyards ‘Small Lot Reserve’ Syrah 2011 
VQA Twenty Mile Bench, Niagara Peninsula $21.95 (346221) 13.0% alcohol 
Fifteen years ago, quality Syrah from Niagara was far outside the box, it’s now reality and here’s a very good one; it’s tangy, classy, complex and simply delicious. Aromas of slightly peppery red cherry and ripe briary berry provide segue for a juicy, balanced wash of dark field berry and mocha. This is mid weight with good texture and a long lip-smacking finish and a solid tannin underpinning. Pour alongside grilled rack of lamb following a two-hour aeration/decant. (Vic Harradine) 

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****drink nowOh Canada!
Rosewood Estates ‘Select Series – Süssreserve’ Riesling 2013 

VQA Beamsville Bench $14.95 10.4% alcohol 
Honeyed-pit fruit, floral and spice aromas presage an off-dry splash of Key lime, piquant spice and lemon yoghurt mingling with grilled pineapple on the palate and lip-smacking finish. It’s mid-weight with satin-smooth mouth-feel with flavours replayed on the lengthy aftertaste. This has a splash of unfermented grape juice. Pour with all manner of spicy Asian dishes. Good value here. (Vic Harradine) 

****1/2drink nowOh Canada!
Rosewood Estates ‘Origin Series’ Pinot Noir 2012 

VQA Niagara Escarpment $40.00 13.7% alcohol 
Aromas of savory herbs, charred toast and floral notes set the table for a truly delicious palate-bathing wash of beet root, ripe red cherry and wisps of kirsch liqueur. This is deftly balanced with purity of fruit, structure and charm. It’s medium weight with a heavenly mouth feel and was tough to spit. The ethereal finish is absolutely delectable. Sip on its own or pour with grilled, smoked duck breast. Rosewood winemaker, Luke Orwinski, gets a well-deserved shout out for this gem. (Vic Harradine) 

****drink nowOh Canada!
Rosewood Estates ‘Harvest Gold - Dry Mead’ 2013 

Product of Canada Niagara Escarpment $15.20 500mL 11.0% alcohol 
A lighter-styled, honey-wine offering from Rosewood, this offers up aromas of yellow peach, talcum powder and hints of guava. Bathing the palate with honeyed tones—melon and a salad bowl of tropical fruit, it’s light on its feet with a delicate touch throughout. It finishes with brushstrokes of buckwheat honey and musk melon. (Vic Harradine) 

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****1/2drink nowOh Canada!
Strewn ‘Terroir – French Oak’ Chardonnay 2012 

VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake $27.95 14.4% alcohol 

Sandalwood, toffee and Asian spice aromas set the stage for a medium-full bodied, creamy-smooth mouthful of ripe pear, mixed spice and baked apple pie robed in lemon acidity, balance and charm. It’s structured, balanced with touches of elegance. It finishes smooth and mellow, lengthy and luxurious with good acidity, purity of fruit and deft balance. This is a top drop, with kudos to Strewn winemaster, Dr. Marc Bradshaw. Tuck away six-months and pop corks with a fully integrated beauty. (Vic Harradine) 

****drink nowOh Canada!
Strewn ‘Barrel Aged’ Gewürztraminer 2012 

VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake $19.15 13.7% alcohol 
Aromas of beeswax, lemongrass and notions of rose petals herald a spice-laden, lively wash of Turkish delight, confectionary sugar, coupled with racy lemon and white grapefruit. It’s medium bodied and nicely textured with a mid-length finish that’s garnished with a bit of oak on the aftertaste. Pour with spiced, grilled chicken kebabs. (Vic Harradine) 

****1/2drink nowOh Canada!
Strewn ‘Select Late Harvest’ Vidal 2011 

VQA Ontario $15.95 (107219) 12.6% alcohol 

Fashioned from late pressings of ice wine fruit, this dishes up a delightful dessert wine for one-quarter the price. Heady, lifted aromas of apricot, mango and honeyed pit fruit abound. The palate’s treated to a palate-bathing stream of ripe apricot, honeyed peach and oodles of lemon curd and grilled pineapple that’s simply über delicious. Not the least bit cloying, this works as a glass of dessert wine on its own or served with fresh fruit flan. (Vic Harradine)