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Henry of Pelham ‘Estate - Fumé Sauvignon Blanc 2016
VQA Short Hills Bench $19.95 13.5% alcohol
Tropical fruit, honey and grassy note aromas all leap from the glass. It showers the palate with a medium-bodied wash of grapefruit juice and oaky notes along with sharp spice and apple skin. The finish is dry and lengthy infused with citrus pith. Remove from refrigerator 20 minutes or so before pouring. A bit more time in bottle will be handsomely rewarded. (Vic Harradine)

• Order the following by the case for daily office or home delivery direct from the winery using this link - Rosehall Run - or pick it up from the cellar door on your next visit to the winery in Prince Edward County. It’s just over a two-hour drive from the GTA or Ottawa via the 401. Here’s a map

• The following 2016 Rosehall Run sauvignon blanc vines were hand-watered through a particularly dry growing season making it the first vines watered in Rosehall’s 16-year history in the County. One-third of the juice was fermented in new Acacia wood barrel with the balance in stainless steel resting on lees six months. Two-thirds was fermented in stainless steel resting on lees for six months. The remaining 500 L was barrel fermented in a new Acacia wood barrel, also six months.

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Rosehall Run ‘Estate Grown & Bottled – Hungry Point’ Sauvignon Blanc 2016
VQA Prince Edward County $24.95 13.0% alcohol
Delicate aromas of savory herbs and wisps of sharp spice and baking brioche precede a medium-bodied, palate-bathing, textured wash of lemon-lime and crisp, green apple interwoven with grapefruit pith flavour. It finishes in a blaze of mouth-watering tang. Pour with lemon sole of pan-seared fish under freshly squeezed lemon juice. (Vic Harradine)

• The following 2016 Rosehall Run Unoaked Chardonnay was fermented cold in stainless steel to preserving alluring aromas and fresh, purity of fruit flavours. The alluring aromas are due in part to the 25%, old-vine, clone 809—aka chardonnay musqué—fruit in this wine.

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Rosehall Run ‘Estate Grown & Bottled – Hungry Point - Unoaked’ Chardonnay 2016
VQA Prince Edward County $19.95 13.0% alcohol
Lifted, alluring aromas of floral notes, citrus and orchard fruit abound. It dishes up full-blown flavours of lemon yoghurt, Key lime pie and mineral notes bathing the palate infusing the balanced and beautiful, lip-smacking finish. It’s medium bodied with, stunning purity of fruit, good mouthfeel and excellent grapefruit tang on the lingering aftertaste. Pour with pan-seared fish, grilled prawns, roast chicken or pork. (Vic Harradine)

• The vines for the following 2016 Rosehall Run Pinot Gris were hand watered to compensate for the dry growing season with vines performing admirably, although with a meagre yield of 1.4T to the acre—a boon for purchasers, less so for the winery bottom line. Fruit was hand-picked, sorted and cold pressed with 2/3rds resting in neutral oak—500L puncheons—with fermenting and settling 4 months on light lees, the balance fermented in stainless steel.

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Rosehall Run ‘Estate Grown & Bottled – Hungry Point – Pinot Gris 2016
VQA Prince Edward County $24.95 13.0% alcohol
Honeysuckle, beeswax and peach aromas introduce a tart, tang-laded steam of lime and passionfruit streaking across the palate with nerve, verve and great élan. This is mid weight with a dry, mouth-watering finish and aftertaste, Pour alongside freshly shucked oyster under a squeeze of fresh lemon and dotted with hot sauce, sushi or prawn ceviche. (Vic Harradine)

• The following 2016 Rosehall Run ‘Just One Rose’ Rosé is a delightful gamay noir-predominant blend with the remaining 10% from pinot noir. It’s what Rosé is meant to be: fresh and lively on the palate with oodles of lip-smacking tang right through to the mouth-watering finish, the perfect accompaniment to food, as well as being a sterling sipper.

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Rosehall Run ‘Just One Rose’ Rosé 2016
VQA Ontario $17.95 13.0% alcohol
A bouquet of rose petals and red berry fruit waft easily from this complex Rosé. It envelops the palate with tang-infused flavour—pie cherry, passion fruit and ruby red grapefruit—persisting through the mouth-watering finish. Medium-bodied and nicely textured, it’s crisp, refreshing and bountiful. Take out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving with a mixed deli platter, charcuterie board or Caesar salad adorned with grilled chicken strips. (Vic Harradine)

• The following 2016 Rosehall Run ‘Hungry Point’ Pinot Noir macerated 96 hours, fermented in both small, closed fermenters with punchdowns as well as in open-top small lot bins with , both for three to four weeks, lightly pressed and settled, the wine matured in mostly seasoned French oak, only 20% new, then bottled unfined and minimally filtered in May 2017.

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Rosehall Run ‘Estate Grown & Bottled – Hungry Point’ Pinot Noir 2016
VQA Prince Edward County $24.95 12.0% alcohol
Piquant spice, red berry fruit and tobacco leaf aromas provide segue to a fine line of tangy acidity expressed as crunchy red currant, ripe red cherry and racy cranberry spreading over the palate, providing a tangy finish. This is nicely balanced and light on its feet with flecks of earthiness and wisps of beetroot and minerality on the medium-plus aftertaste. This pours particularly well with coq au vin or red pizza. (Vic Harradine)

• A damaging frost at the end of May 2016 caused Rosehall Run to look to the south to source premium fruit from prestigious Twenty Mile Bench. The 60% merlot and 40% cabernet franc fruit in this are from +25-year-old vines and were matured separately for 14 months in French oak then blended and bottled unfined. The following 2016 Rosehall Run Merlot/Cabernet is the result of that and the considerable winemaking prowess of Rosehall Run’s co-owner/winemaker, Dan Sullivan and his team.

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Rosehall Run Merlot/Cabernet 2016
VQA Twenty Mile Bench $24.95 13.0% alcohol
This showcases purity of fruit, balance and oodles of delectable tang. Briary berry, savory herbs and camphor aromas blossom from this medium-bodied red blend. It bathes the palate with ripe, red-fruit flavours—currant, cherry and plum—robed in excellent tang and piquant spice. The finish and aftertaste are nicely balanced. Give it a go with pasta and meatballs in tomato sauce or poblano peppers stuffed with minced beef, tomatoes and rice. (Vic Harradine)

• The following Tawse wines are available by the case for daily home, office or restaurant delivery online at Tawse Winery or for pick up by the bottle or case at the winery at 3955 Cherry Ave, Vineland ON.

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Tawse ‘Growers Blend’ Rosé 2016
VQA Niagara Peninsula $18.95 12.0% alcohol
This bright and lively, refreshing red blend of Pinot Noir/Cabernet Franc/Gamay/Pinot Gris is salmon-hued with aromas of floral notes and freshly sliced strawberry. It bathes the palate with off-dry flavours of ripe strawberry and red currant flecked with racy orange tones. It finishes in a dry, clean, crisp and refreshing blaze. Pour as a delightful sipper or alongside pan-seared salmon… even the colour matches. (Vic Harradine)

• The following 2016 Tawse ‘Quarry Road’ Gewürztraminer is certified organic and biodynamic.

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Tawse ‘Quarry Road’ Gewürztraminer 2016
VQA Vinemount Ridge $24.95 11.5% alcohol
Aromas of spice, marmalade and rosewater introduce a medium-weight, nicely textured stream of gorgeous flavour with lychee fruit, piquant spice, mandarin orange and grilled pineapple to the fore. It finishes with soft citrus tang, mixed spice and a lengthy balanced, clean and refreshing aftertaste. This pours well on its own and alongside baked ham or quiche Lorraine. (Vic Harradine)

• The following 2016 Tawse Gamay Noir matured 8 months in French oak barrels. This is also available, to restaurants/licensees only, in 20L KeyKegs.

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Tawse Gamay Noir 2016
VQA Niagara Peninsula $18.95 (322545) 12.5% alcohol
An involved nose of peppery spice, red cherry with gamy and earthy notes announce a lovely mouthful of gamay on the palate with ripe strawberry and black raspberry intertwined with black licorice and peppery notes galore. This is well paced with medium weight, medium texture and excellent fruit and tang balance on the finish and aftertaste. (Vic Harradine)

• The following 2016 Tawse ‘Quarry Road - Unfiltered’ Pinot Noir was single-vineyard sourced from fruit certified both organic and biodynamic. Kudos to Paul Pender, Rene Van Ede and all the viniculture/viticulture team for this pinot noir.

****1/2 drink or cellar Oh Canada!
Tawse ‘Quarry Road - Unfiltered’ Pinot Noir 2016
VQA Vinemount Ridge $34.95 13.0% alcohol
This truly sings on the nose, palate and lip-smacking finish—it has structure, purity of fruit, complexity and charm. A complex nose of orange peel, minerality, earthy notes and black berry fruit aromas beguile. The persistent stream of strawberry, rhubarb, red cherry and spice envelops the palate infusing the lingering finish and aftertaste. Soft tannins appear on the fade; aerate/decant for three hours or pop corks 2019 and beyond. (Vic Harradine)

• The following 2013 Tawse ‘Laundry Vineyard’ Cabernet Franc matured for 18 months in French Oak barrels.

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Tawse ‘Laundry Vineyard’ Cabernet Franc 2013
VQA Lincoln Lakeshore $34.95 (130997) 13.5% alcohol
Graphite, earthy notes, savory herbs and black currant aromas abound. A medium-plus bodied, generously textured swath of juicy bramble berry, tang-laden pie cherry, savory herbs and mixed spice blankets the palate replaying on finish and aftertaste infused with still-evolving tannin. If need be, aerate/decant a few hours pouring with well-seasoned grilled medium-rare premium beef, best to pop corks 2019 and beyond. (Vic Harradine)

• Order the following wines by the case for daily home, office or restaurant delivery online at Redstone Winery or phone toll free 1 844-563-9463, or pick up by the bottle or case by visiting the winery at 4245 King Street, Beamsville ON.

• The following vintage-dated 2015 Sparkling Rosé was sourced from two estate vineyards—Laundry and Redfoot—produced in the traditional method, aged on lees 12 months and is 100% Pinot Noir.

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Redstone Pinot Noir Sparkling Rosé 2015
VQA Lincoln Lakeshore $24.95 12.0% alcohol
Delicate aromas and fine-bead mousse make an introduction for this vintage-dated gem. It explodes on the palate with a racy, tangy line of ripe red cherry, pomegranate and rhubarb flavours quite clean, crisp and refreshing. Perfect for serving and sipping as a welcoming wine, it also pours well with ceviche or sushi. It’s light on its feet throughout and finishes dry, tart and mouth-watering delicious. (Vic Harradine)

• The following 2016 Redstone ‘Redstone Vineyard’ Pinot Gris is not yet certified—these things take time—but is farmed organically and biodynamically.

****1/2 drink now Oh Canada!
Redstone ‘Redstone Vineyard’ Pinot Gris 2016
VQA Lincoln Lakeshore $24.95 12.0% alcohol
Floral notes and honeyed pit fruit aromas blossom from this gorgeous Gris. It washes over the palate with buckwheat honey, white nectarine and nutty nuances framed in bracing lemon acidity enveloping the palate persisting through the crisp, clean, mouth-watering finish. This is medium bodied with good texture and lingering aftertaste. Pour on its own and pair with pan-seared tuna or roast chicken. (Vic Harradine)

• The following 2012 Redstone ‘Redstone Vineyard’ Cabernet Sauvignon was matured 18 months in French oak barrels.

****1/2 drink or cellar Oh Canada!
Redstone ‘Redstone Vineyard’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
VQA Lincoln Lakeshore $45.95 13.5% alcohol
Aromas of pipe tobacco, baking spice, mocha and dark berry fruit waft from this approachable, mouth-watering cabernet sauvignon. It bathes the palate with a creamy smooth wash of piquant spice and crunchy red berry fruit—currant and cranberry—interwoven with tingling acidity and wisps of soft, ripe tannin. It’s complex and structured with an excellent fruit/acidity balance and lengthy, luscious finish and aftertaste. (Vic Harradine)