How long can I keep a bottle of wine once it has been opened?

There is no simple answer. Keep all re-corked wines in the refrigerator (including reds—just take them out in time to let them warm up before you drink them). If you simply re-cork the wine, it should stay fresh for two or three days. If you pour your leftover wine into a smaller airtight container (like a half bottle), it will last longer--perhaps four or five days. Oxygen spoils the wine, so the less the better.

Sparkling wine requires a special closure (so the cork does not pop out) and depending on the method used to make it, sparkling wine also lasts up to two or three days. Going to a smaller airtight container will allow Champagne (and sparkling wines made by the Champagne method) to last up to three days. Less expensive sparkling wine, usually made in a less expensive manner (like Charmat or Cuvée close) are best drunk the next day at the latest.

Some fortified wines will last up to two or more weeks once opened. They include Tawny Ports and Oloroso Sherries.